Month: March 2014

IMA alumni at Open Engagement

IMA alumnae Sarah Nelson Wright and Laura Chipley’s The Newtown Creek Armada and IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s Luncheonette project on collective social space will be at Open Engagement this year. Open Engagement is an international conference that sets out to explore various perspectives on socially engaged art, and The Newtown Creek Armada and Luncheonette will be featured there this upcoming May.

Prof. Tami Gold and IMA student David Pavlosky screening Passionate Politics

Prof Tami Gold and IMA student David Pavlosky will be screening Passionate Politics from June 1st to the 8th in the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience. Passionate Politics is a documentary that brings the story of Charlotte Bunch, an idealistic young human rights activist, to life. Charlotte has been both a product and creator of her times: every chapter in her life is a chapter in the story of modern feminist activism, from its roots in the 1960′s struggles for social justice to international campaigns against gender-based violence today.