Month: December 2011

December issue of The Hunts Point Express

The new issue of The Hunts Point Express is out, with stories about Occupy the Bronx, a progress report on the South Bronx Greenway, a unique theater company, the Bronx River’s beavers, and much, much more.

Prof. Ricardo Miranda’s project

Prof. Ricardo Miranda is working on a project in Madrid. EXCEDENTES / EXCESS a commission by the El Matadero Art Center in Madrid, Spain revolves around the large amounts of food going to the dump when there are plenty of people hungry in the cities of New York and Madrid. Beyond the issue of hunger and food reclamation, food waste is the largest category of solid waste in US landfills and organic waste contributes to greenhouse gases (methane). The project is also invested in highlighting the technologies (e.g. vision systems in processing facilities, GMOs) that reinforce and produce popular concepts of how edible food should look.

The project is currently in research phase in the Unites States and a cart to re-distribute good food that has been discarded is currently being implemented in Madrid, Spain.

Shiri Sandler

Former IMA Student Shiri Sandler has just passed away after a long battle with cancer. For those of you who remember Shiri’s presence here at Hunter, your memory will be of someone whose creativity, love of life and sheer ebullience marked a bright trail. Shiri was enrolled in the IMA Program starting in 2004. Finally in 2007 she was forced to withdraw by her illness, and returned to Israel, where she maintained an artistic career full of her special brand of exuberance. Those of us who were lucky enough to know her here will miss her presence profoundly.