Month: August 2010

Prof. Ricardo Miranda’s project in Santiago

Prof. Miranda completed a project in Santiago, Chile.

Miracle of Chile is a multifaceted art project investigating Milton Friedman’s famous phrase “Miracle of Chile.” In 1981 Friedman declared the phrase to reflect a transformation of Chile’s economy through a neoliberal formula of privatization, deregulation of markets and cuts to social spending.
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IMA Alumna Shiri Sandler’s Artwork

A home coming is a site responsive installation hosted by home base, an artist-run project on its 5th year and for the first time out side of New York. In a building next to an abandoned bus depot, Shiri Chaia Sandler will be presenting all new work, generated during her healing at home. The work touches themes of origination, immobility and visual memory through mixed media.

Pankow, Berlin.
Sep 21 – Oct 12, 2010

Opens on sep 21.

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