Month: June 2010

IMA Student Laurie Filiak’s installation at EXIT Art Show

Laurie’s video installation at EXIT Art Show:


Date: June 18 – August 28, 2010
Opening: Friday, June 18 / 7-10pm
Consume, a project of SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics), investigates the world’s systems of food production, distribution, consumption and waste. Consume will be exhibited concurrently with ECOAESTHETIC: The Tragedy of Beauty.

With fuel prices fluctuating and climate change causing monumental shifts in weather patterns, we have been forced to rethink our methods of food production and distribution. Natural disasters have wiped out entire crop cycles (the rice supply in Burma and the wheat harvest in Australia) and experts are saying that a global food shortage is imminent. The prices for wheat, corn, rice and other grains have steadily increased since 2005, causing food riots and hoarding from Morocco to Yemen to Hong Kong. The New York Times recently reported an estimate that Americans waste 27% of the food available for consumption. What are some possible solutions to these mammoth problems?

As more people change their habits, and as the government ratifies new regulations, we can make significant progress in the fight for food. The American public has shown awareness that the industrial-food system is deeply flawed. Expanded recycling and composting programs – as well as the growing local, organic and free-range movements – are indicative of a profound shift in the way we think about food. Consume will also include a series of public talks, screenings and workshops that confront and take up diverse food-related issues.