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IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s demonstration at the Boston Center for the Arts

November 15 2013No Commented

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IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s boatbuilding collective Mare Liberum will be in Boston as a part of an exhibition at Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery. On Saturday, November 16th, they will be giving a demonstration of their 1860’s paper boatbuilding technique and giving a talk about the “frontiers” of gentrification and Urban wilderness corridors as an alternative to urban parks. The event will take place from 10:00AM to 1:00PM.

IMA student Chris Nostrand’s Garbage Girl screening in the Underexposed Film Festival

November 15 2013No Commented

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Garbage Girl, a short film made by IMA student Chris Nostrand will be shown in the Underexposed Film Festival in South Carolina from November 14-16. Christopher Nostrand will be posting his experiences of his travels and the festival on his Facebook page, Garbage Girl Films.

IMA Program Film Seminar and Screening Series with Jill Godmilow

November 13 2013No Commented

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The Integrated Media Arts MFA Program at Hunter College Presents:

The Art the Anti-Doc or Post-Realist Nonfiction Film
A Seminar and Screening Series with filmmaker Jill Godmilow

Dates: Mon-Fri November 18 to 22
Seminar 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

This seminar will focus on the nature of what Jill calls the Anti-Doc – films that refuse the traditional documentary’s production of realism and its ideological implications. Twelve students will join Jill for a rigorous discussion of a collection of anti-doc films from all over the world that use a variety of strategies to produce useful experience – not by fashioning images of the world into satisfying form for a unified spectator, but by scattering our presumed collectivity into self-consciousness. There will be required readings in the form of a small printed course packet that should be purchased and read by all participating.

Jill Godmilow’s Press Release Information

IMA student Nathan Fitch’s work featured on ESPN

November 5 2013No Commented

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IMA student Nathan Fitch’s photography, Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan, will be featured in the new magazine issue of ESPN for November.