Contact: Jordan Noël Hawkes/Lovett Productions
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Street Heroines is an independent feature-length documentary celebrating the courage and creativity of women, who despite their lack of recognition, have been an integral part of the graffiti and street art movement since the beginning. After seven years of production we’re now entering the distribution phase and seeking an intern for summer 2021. 

Fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, Street Heroines was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign and private donations, meaning, this project was not financed by a production company or any big time investors, it’s truly an independent film.

Throughout the internship we will answer all of your questions, and if you’re interested share with you everything we learned, what worked, what didn’t, what we would do differently next time, and how this project and the artist we interviewed over the course of production have influenced us in the process. We can also give you feedback on any projects of your own. Both of us work at successful companies, one in documentaries and one in commercials, and are available to share our experience specific to those as well. This internship will give you a sense of how the work gets done, and can be applied to any job in film production or distribution and arts administration.

Take a look at the Teaser, Trailer and Website for more information about Street Heroines and below for more details about the internship. 

Candidates must be:

Interested in independent production and distribution of documentary film

Passionate about gender equity and equality and cultural diversity

Direct with communication, able to express their 

Respectful of deadlines

Highly organized

Tasks will include:

Assisting Director and Producer in booking screenings and submitting to film festivals through online research and outreach

Adding film festival and screenings dates and information to shared calendar

Organizing and sharing information and publicity materials for screenings

Tracking press for the film

Creating social media posts to promote film festivals and events

Brainstorming ideas for merchandise (tshirts, prints, etc) 

Using Trello to keep track of all these tasks

Skills needed:

Clear and direct written and verbal communication

GSuite proficiency (Docs, Sheets, Drive)

Social media proficiency (IG, FB, Twitter)

Ideal but not required

Basic graphic design 

Basic video editing

Knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese


Street Heroines is a feature-length documentary celebrating the courage and creativity of women who despite their lack of recognition have been an integral part of the graffiti and street art movement since the beginning. Authentic vérité storytelling woven between an interview-driven narrative, Street Heroines juxtaposes the personal experiences of three emerging Latina artists from New York City, Mexico City, and São Paulo as they navigate a male-dominated subculture to establish artistic identities within chaotic urban landscapes. 

Punctuated by historical anecdotes from pioneering artists Lady Pink, Claw Money, Nina Pandolfo, Swoon, Lady Aiko, iconic graffiti photographer Martha Cooper, and others, Street Heroines is the first-of-its-kind documentary to capture the collective outcry of female street artists from around the world, shining a light on their mission for creative expression and their endeavors overcome sexism through art.  

While numerous graffiti genre documentaries feature familiar names such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey, Street Heroines infiltrates this masculine space by legitimizing women’s voices within an unquestionably important movement that symbolizes far more than the sum of its parts. Now, in the wake of #MeToo and Time’s Up, which have had astounding repercussions for women’s justice, there is no time more relevant for a film that exposes the struggles of female artists worldwide and situates them within the global conversation.

A bastion of female empowerment, Street Heroines gives visibility to fearless artists who create their own opportunities in the name of women’s rights, gender, and economic equality, increased accessibility to the arts, and the celebration of cultural identity. 

Interns needed for Street Heroines (Documentary)