My name is Sofia and I’m the Fellowship Director at Reducetarian Foundation’s fellowship program for New York City-area undergraduate and graduate students. This is a one-year experience with a $7,500 stipend that we think could be an amazing fit for any of your Media Studies/Journalism students with an interest in the food system or any issues that it touches. Given that this area is so broad (and since of course students can and do have interests outside of their major) we solicit and accept applications from students in all fields of study.

Applications are now open, so don’t hesitate to sign up! Make sure to view this document because it outlines many ways for you guys to connect to the Reducetarian mission and broader food system issues!

The Reducetarian Fellowship is a one-year program for exceptional New York City-area undergraduate and graduate students who are eager to create a more sustainable, healthy, and compassionate world. The fellowship includes both a curricular component as well as a summer internship with one of many exciting and impactful partner organizations. Each fellow receives a $7,500 stipend and one-on-one mentorship throughout the year. Applications close March 31!


Sofia Davis-Fogel | Fellowship Director

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About the Fellowship | Attend the Summit

Reducetarian Foundation – Fellowship Program!
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