Job Title: Stanford Startup Video Production and Copywriting Intern(s)

Details: Internship for Credit (paid)

Time Commitment: Minimum 120 hours per semester

Job Description:

Vastly, a stealth startup founded by a team of Stanford MBAs and CS students, is looking to reimagine podcast discovery. With an algorithmic feed of premium ~5 minute video podcast clips, Vastly aims to connect more people with more great podcast content.

To do so, Vastly needs your help! We’re looking to bring on at least one intern(s) to:

1. Identify and clip the best ~5 minute video segments from our content partners’ longer-form (often 1+, even 2+ hour long) video podcast episodes, like the episode linked below.

2. Generate a succinct, punchy, and creative title for each clip that compels people to watch

3. Generate a succinct, punchy, and creative ~2 sentence bio for the clip that captures what’s being discussed, who’s speaking, and key learnings.

Since this is a fast-moving, pre-seed startup, interns will also have the opportunity to get hands-on startup experience. This includes 1) direct mentorship opportunity from the co-founders and 2) the opportunity to put their thumb on the scale and provide input to a rapidly evolving, scaling startup across video, design, operations, and much more. If fundraising allows, we’d also potentially love to bring on high performers down the road in full-time roles.

Thanks so much and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any interest or questions!

Resumes and portfolio links to: Buzz Rubenstein <>

Stanford Startup Video Production and Copywriting Intern