Title: Voiceovers/Narration Intern for Education

Description: Founded by Weill Cornell medical students, Pixorize (https://pixorize.com) is an education technology company building visual mnemonics to improve learning and memory. We are looking for film/media interns to work with us to help record/voice the audio that accompanies our 5-10 minute educational videos (https://youtu.be/g_mPXd0um4w).

The intern will be provided scripts, and will be expected to produce an engaging recording after looking up proper pronunciation of medically-relevant terms. Access to recording equipment (microphone, sound-insulated space) is mandatory. Note that we are looking for approachable young voices (a.k.a. more Buzzfeed than radio announcer).

This is a paid position, compensated per script produced. 

Contact Nathan (njl2004@med.cornell.edu) if interested.

Voiceovers/Narration Intern for Education–Paid Position