About the Project
Maps are tools for understanding the world from different points of view - political, cultural, personal, and historical. Maps hold the power to shape the truth about the world and mapmakers shape the future. The NYSoundmap is a container - a concept or idea to hold many types of processes and projects. The project reaches across the city's geographic, economic, educational, cultural and racial divides. It is at once a historical record and a subjective representation of the city. It is what each user wishes it to be and it is ever growing, ever changing and totally interactive.


The lead artists of the NYSoundmap project are all members of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE). We share a common fascination with sound and its connection to place and space. Our distinct creative practices have contemplated and reconfigured our environment and our roles within it. These practices form the basis of our collective voice in the NYsoundmap project. <more>

The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE) is a membership organization dedicated to exploring the role of sound in natural habitats and human societies, and promoting public dialog concerning the identification, preservation, and restoration of natural and cultural sound environments.



If you are a beginner, a professional sound artist or musician, or anything in-between, send in an urban-soundscape related recording that you have made. If we like it, we will air it on Giant Ear))) or add it to the Sound-Seeker map.

Submit to Sound-Seeker
Send in recordings made in a specific location of NYC! Send your name, the recording and the address at which it was made. Recordings under 10MB can be sent to: andrea@andreapolli.com (use subject line 'sound-seeker submission') or MAIL CD or minidisk TO: Andrea Polli @ The Department of Film and Media, Hunter College, 695 Park Ave. NY, NY 10021.

Submit to Giant Ear)))
Send in field recordings and/or urban soundscape-themed works to be aired on web radio! Recordings under 10MB can be sent to: ened2@hotmail.com (use subject line 'giant ear submission') or MAIL CD or minidisk TO: Ned @ 474 Warren Street #3, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

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Join NYSAE and show your support. NYSAE members also receive the biannual World Soundscape Journal and automatic memberships to the American Society for Acoustic Ecology and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. <download pdf membership form>

photo by Michelle Nagai