About the Project
Maps are tools for understanding the world from different points of view - political, cultural, personal, and historical. Maps hold the power to shape the truth about the world and mapmakers shape the future. The NYSoundmap is a container - a concept or idea to hold many types of processes and projects. The project reaches across the city's geographic, economic, educational, cultural and racial divides. It is at once a historical record and a subjective representation of the city. It is what each user wishes it to be and it is ever growing, ever changing and totally interactive.


The lead artists of the NYSoundmap project are all members of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE). We share a common fascination with sound and its connection to place and space. Our distinct creative practices have contemplated and reconfigured our environment and our roles within it. These practices form the basis of our collective voice in the NYsoundmap project. <more>

The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE) is a membership organization dedicated to exploring the role of sound in natural habitats and human societies, and promoting public dialog concerning the identification, preservation, and restoration of natural and cultural sound environments.



We've compiled links to some sites that inspire us and provide helpful mapping tutorials.

Collaborative Mapping Projects
Douglas Rushkoff essay on the importance of collaborative mapping:

Situationists: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/sionline/ and http://library.nothingness.org/articles/SI/all/

Mobile Media, Art and the City: http://www.spectropolis.info/index.php

Map a blog: http://www.blogmapper.com

The Green Map System http://www.greenmap.org and http://www.greenatlas.org

FoundCity: http://foundcity.net

Blog about all things psychogeography related: http://glowlab.com

A tool for mobile learning about a city http://www.i-cherubini.it/mauro/projects/MapTribe/

Biomapping: http://www.biomapping.net/index.htm

Augmented maps project: http://mi.eng.cam.ac.uk/~gr281/augmentedmaps.html

'In the Weather' walking project http://www.freewalking.org and http://www.intheweather.org

Sound Mapping Projects and Map-related Sound Projects
Soundmapping of Cologne: http://soundmap.akustikfilm.com

Freesound geotagged sounds: http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/geotagsView.php

The Tenement Museum maps folk songs in downtown NYC:

Noise mapping concept for a uk sound map under development:

Bill Fontana sound map: http://www.resoundings.org/Pages/Venice Description.html

Sonic Postcards: http://www.sonicpostcards.org

Geo Phone Tag: http://www.spencerkiser.com/geoPhoneTag/

Busker Dial-up : http://buskerdu.com

University of Minnesota sound map project: http://design.umn.edu/go/person/SOUNDMAP

Sound maps for the visually impaired, University of Calgary:

Acoustic Cartography: http://www.acoustic-cartography.com/processing/index.html

Brooklyn/Flatbush Soundmap: http://www.bcue.org/soundmap/

Sonic City: http://www.tii.se/reform/projects/pps/soniccity/index.html

Soundmaps by Stanza: http://www.soundcities.com/amsterdam.html

Berlin Soundmap: http://berlin.soundscape-fm.net/

The Sonic Memorial Project: http://sonicmemorial.org/public/add.html

Tony Round soundmap: http://www.anaesthetic.ca/soundmap/

Toronto Island Soundmap: http://www.yorku.ca/dws/tism/

Ultra-red Sounding the Naked City: http://www.ultrared.org/lm_sounding.html

Derek Holzer's Sound Transit Project: http://soundtransit.nl

Puget Soundscape Map: http://homepage.mac.com/brettbecker/soundscape/pugetsoundscape.html

Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland in sound: http://www.gordonsoundscape.net

Directions for doing your own programming for google maps:

Find the GPS coordinates for a specific address in the US:

Google Maps Mania:

Google Maps Mash-Up Bibliography:

VGMap by Eyebeam:

photo by Michelle Nagai