James Roman

James RomanRoman, James
Office: Hunter North 501-B/Hunter North 433-A
E-mail: drj5647@optonline.net
Phone: 212.772.4470

During my thirty years of service as a professor in the Communication Department of Hunter College I have demonstrated a commitment to serving our students and nurturing our discipline. My publication record includes both scholarly and trade articles on policy issues in telecommunications. I’ve written about the funding and culture of both cable and public television. In that time I’ve published two books which addressed regulatory and policy issues now impacting on the evolving roles of television in our society. The first, Cablemania, The Cable Television Sourcebook, was a historical and critical account of the fledgling industry which pointed to its future developments and provided readers with a comprehensive treatment of business and legislative trends. The second, Love, Light, and a Dream-Television’s Past, Present and Future, is a timely and provocative look at the medium of television as one of the cultural vehicles carrying us toward the 21st century. It discusses developments and identifies trends shaping policy and regulatory issues that exert the strongest influence on the evolution of information technology. In February 1997 I was invited as a panelist/participant to the four-day International Radio & Television Society Foundation Faculty/Industry Seminar.

As a professor in the Department of Film/Media Studies I have taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My teaching experience encompasses the areas of telecommunications policy and technology along with television production. I have taught theory and production courses at both the introductory and advanced levels. At the undergraduate level I’ve developed and taught courses in Broadcast Journalism, Public Broadcasting, Cable Television and Electronic News Gathering. Course development and teaching at the graduate level has included courses on Documentary Television, Alternative Media and Policy Issues in Telecommunications. I’m an advisor to our undergraduate majors and have mentored a number of graduate students through their comprehensive examinations and master’s thesis.

I’ve been a productive member of the Film/Media Studies Department serving for ten years as the department internship coordinator. During that time I initiated professional liasions within the telecommunications industry generating valuable internship experiences for our students. In addition I helped to establish admission requirements to the internship program and created a required seminar for students engaged in semester long internships. My college service has also included memebership in the Faculty Delegate Assembly, and the department Policy and Curriculum Committee.