July 29, 2009

NYSAE Sound Walks for Art in Odd Places 2009

Art in Odd Places 2009
Direction. Ban. Authority. Solidarity. Advertisement. Ownership. Gesture. Enticement. Omen. Signature. Trace.
October 1-26, 2009
14th Street, New York City
A festival exploring the odd, ordinary and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.
2009 guest curators:
Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam.

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Presented by Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN, an annual festival exploring the odd, ordinary and ingenious in the spectacle of daily life.

Members of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology will be leading a series of public soundwalks across three weekends of the Art in Odd Places festival to engage and educate the public in the art of listening. Together, the construction, foot traffic, commerce, and auto-traffic of 14th street create a dense, noisy and complex soundscape to engage. Therefore, we are offering several different types of walks focusing on different aspects and locations of 14th street and the Union Square vicinity (see below for walk details).

All of the walks listed below will generally begin with what composer and acoustic ecologist R. Murray Schafer calls, “ear cleaning” exercises. These exercises consist of simple relaxation techniques focusing breathing and then focusing the ears on the basic sonic layers of the soundscape. These exercises help the listener to untangle layers of traffic, pedestrian, construction and louder periodic/random sounds one can encounter at any given time (or simultaneously) in our complex urban soundscape. These exercises help to better engage the ear with the mind and aim to transform the soundscape into a living organism for the sound-walker through active listening.

SCHEDULE (note: please check this site regularly as details of walks are subject to slight change)
Date: Saturday 10 October

Walk Leader: Jamie Davis

Sound Walk Title: Slow Walk — starting on the far west side going the entire length of 14th street, slowly.

Time: Meet @ 1:15pm, Start time 1:30pm

Duration: approx. 2 hours

RSVP: jsrdavis@gmail.com

Meet @: NW corner of 14th Street, 8th Ave

Date: Saturday 10 October

Walk Leader: Jonny Farrow

Sound Walk Title: Union Square Listen-In

Description: Walkers become “sitters” — we will lead the group in a meditative, blindfolded “sit and listen” for approx 30 mins. followed by a slow walk around the perimeter of the park — blindfolds on or off. Participants will guide one another in pairs, (one with a blindfold, one without) taking turns, to experience listening without using vision.

Time: 4:00 pm

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

RSVP: jonnysounds@gmail.com

Meet @: Gandhi Statue — SW corner of Union Square Park


Date: Sunday 11 October

Walk Leader: Jonny Farrow

Sound Walk Title: 14th Street wildlife

Description: Starting in union square – this walk focuses on listening for the sounds of animals, particularly birds. Thousands of sparrows inhabit light-pole tension bars across the city and their tiny chirps can be heard on almost every street corner in NYC. We will listen for them and let our ears enjoy their addition to the cacophony of the busy, commercial urban soundscape. We will also likely encounter starlings, pigeons and perhaps the hawk that likes to hunt around Union Square.

Time: 2:00 pm

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

RSVP: jonnysounds@gmail.com

Meet @: Gandhi Statue — SW corner of Union Square Park

Date: Saturday 17 October and Sunday 18 October

Walk Leader: Andrea Williams

Sound Walk Title: Transitions Walk

Description: This walk begins in Union Square and travels east and incorporates blocks of 14th and 13th street. The purpose of this type of walk is to gain an understanding of the psychogeographical boundaries between noisier commercial streets and quieter, more residential streets, and the noticeable transitions in the soundscape when passing through these zones. Walkers will also become aware of the demarcations of public space and private space through sound. Walkers are highly encouraged to bring their own recording gear (such as hand-held digital audio recorders or handheld tape recorders).

Time: 1:30 pm

Duration: approx. 1 hour

RSVP: lemurz66@yahoo.com

Meet @: in front of the statue of George Washington in Union Square Park
Date: Friday 16 October and Saturday 17 October

Walk Leader: Todd Shalom

Sound Walk Title: Dirty Gay Soundwalk

Forty years post-Stonewall and the NYPD is still entraping gay men for soliciting prostitutes at adult video stores (aka “bookstores”) around the city. Join me while we walk around the 14th Street vicinity with focused awareness to the sounds around us. Where does gay history echo in the present soundscape? On this soundwalk, we’ll actively listen to the bars and video stores in Chelsea, the leather menagerie on Christopher Street and the late nite crowds at the piers. All are welcome. Capacity: 15 people. 21+ please.

Meet Time: 10:30pm sharp

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

RSVP: todd@elastic-city.com

Meet @: SW corner of 14th Street and 8th Avenue, Manhattan



Presented in collaboration with Art in Odd Places and free103point9

Date: Saturday 24 October

This project is a co-presentation with both Art in Odd Places and free103point9’s Radio Festival NYC 2009, a fall festival of radio art and experimentation which takes place at The Ontological Theater at St. Mark’s Church in the East Village 20-24 October. Audiences will participate in the walks whose trajectories will lead them to the Ontological Theater for the Radio Festival installations and performances on Saturday 24 October.
Members of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE) will lead public soundwalks involving mobile broadcasting equipment. The public (soundwalkers) will use small FM receivers and headsets to tune in to multiple, simultaneous broadcasts from three mobile broadcasting units (carried by NYSAE members) all broadcasting different material on the same frequency starting from three different (Madison Square, Washington Square, Tompkins Square) parks north and south of 14th street. The different broadcasts will be a mix of several elements, pre-recorded nature sounds, historical soundscapes, and live broadcasts of the walk itself. The walkers will be lead, meandering across and around 14th street, eventually converging/colliding their broadcast perimeters separating again –hearing their own walk and hearing the other walk simultaneously. Walkers will also be able to hear the soundscape over their headphones as they walk and listen to the broadcast, experiencing a sort of hyper-reality through physical presence in the soundscape, the sounds of the broadcast and the overlapping of the broadcasts when the broadcast areas collide.
The walks will all begin at the same time and are timed to strategically overlap. The approach to the end of the walk is marked by the eventual reception of a broadcast from the Ontological Theater location. The groups then all arrive at the prescribed time at St. Mark’s church and enter the theater for the evening’s performances and installation presentations. Total time for the walk would be approx. 60-90 minutes.

Meet Time: 6:00 PM SHARP!

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

RSVP: jonnysounds@gmail.com

Meet @: various locations — you will receive an email with your meet-up location once you have RSVP’d


Jamie Davis (picture to come)
Jamie Davis is a UK-bred, US-based vocalist and instrumentalist. She has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East, notably with such renowned groups as the American Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, New York Choral Society, New York Oratorio Society and the Desoff Chorus. Most recently, she performed at the final concert of the Lorin Maazel, Maestro of the New York Philharmonic. She is currently studying pursuing advanced degrees in Psychology, Linguistics and Vocal Performance.

Katie Down is a composer, performer, theatrical sound designer, and music therapist. She plays glass instruments, flutes, percussion, ukulele, and sings. She has taught workshops in music, creative movement and voice, and improvisation internationally including the Balkans, South Africa and the U.S., Katie’s ensembles include The Ukuladies (ukulele, voice, toy piano, glockenspiel, flute, percussion), NewBorn Trio (glass instruments and flute) and Lyrebird (steel cello, glass percussion, looping). She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jonathan “Jonny” Farrow is a Brooklyn, NY-based interdisciplinary sound artist/composer/performer working with field recordings, found sounds, and the sounds of small objects. He holds a master’s degree in musicology from The City College of New York, is the co-chair of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, and is the recipient of a performance grant from Meet the Composer for his collaborative work Musique d’ombre. Recent projects/performances include Soundbox 1&2, Musique d’ombre, and The Canary Project’s 40?, 73? soundwalk series. He also frequently curates/hosts the webradio program Giant Ear))), a show dedicated to the art of field recording.

Todd Shalom works with text, sound and image. Trained as a both a marketer and a poet, he performs and makes installations to re-contextualize the body in space using vocabulary of the everyday. In this pursuit, Shalom often collaborates with performance artist/director Niegel Smith. Together, as Permiso, they conceive and stage interactive rituals in public and private environments. Todd’s solo work includes improvisational music performances, soundwalks, poetry readings, installations, photography and sleepovers. He is an active member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology and is starting a sensory and performance-based walks company, Elastic City, in Spring 2010.

Andrea Williams, is a sound/installation artist who utilizes site-specific elements and perceptual cues to reveal connections between people and their immediate environment. She is interested in the act of listening, sense memory, alternative energy and has incredible flying dreams. She is a founding member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE), initiated and co-curates their Giant Ear))) radio show on free103point9, and leads group and therapeutic sound walks in various locations in NYC, San Francisco, and beyond. In 2007, she was selected for a Sound Artist Residency directed by Francisco Lopez in the Brazilian rainforest. She is a member of the performance group, The Glass Bees, and has shown or performed at various galleries and alternative spaces, most recently at the Whitney Biennial, Diapason Gallery, and NPR.

Edmund Mooney is a composer, sound designer and sound artist. His work has been presented at Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum, DTW and PS 122, among others. Recent works include “Body Maps” with Vision into Art at the Whitney Museum, “Sound Box 1” with Andrea Williams and Jonny Farrow at Free 103’s Wave Farm and “Eros Thanatos” with installation artist Erika Harrsch at Fotofest in Houston, TX and at Galleria Leme in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is a founding member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology. His work explores, among other things, the ecstatic soundscape through temporal displacement and re-contextualization of naturally occurring sonic events in combination with digitally altered or created instruments. Visit him at www.edmundmooney.com.

Jonny Farrow