June 25, 2009

Giant Ear))) Destruction Sounds

Hosted by: Mary Jeys

This Sunday, June 28, 2009, Giant Ear))) will broadcast on Free103.9 from 7-9pm. The show will feature field recordings and original works of the sounds of destruction. Audio will evoke or record destruction, crashes, explosions. Curated by Mary Jeys. Tune in at www.free103point9.org

Awaken by Dethklok
Big Truck by Michael Farley
Fountain Machine Gun by Doris Cacoilo
Wind by Mikhail Iliatov
Ocean Sounds by Mary Jeys
Fall and Chains by Dallas Simpson
My Butcher, My Neighbor by Alana Kakoyiannis
Sidewalk at Whythe Avenue by Mary Jeys
Freemont Dump by Steve Barsotti
Intersection of Church and Dey Streets by Nick Miller
Build Destroy by Steve Barsotti
Tuxpan by Mikhail Iliatov
Milwaukee Ave Sidewalk Demolition by Eric Leonarson
Construction Time by Steve Burnett
Short Interlude
Sound of Styrofoam by Steve Burnett
Collection Composition by Melissa Nicolardi
Queensboro Bridge by Mary Jeys
Wooden Plats by Mary Jeys
Moving Tables by Andrea Callard
Industrial Shredder Turning Off by Andrea Callard
Door Slamming by Mary Jeys
Crushing Cans 1 by Mary Jeys
Provost Street, Greenpoint by Mary Jeys
Short Interlude
Crushing Cans 2 by Mary Jeys
Pulling Down Scaffolding by Mary Jeys
Crushing Can 3 by Mary Jeys
Studio Sounds by Mary Jeys
Thunderstorm by Mary Jeys