April 5, 2009

Giant Ear))) FANTASTIC PLACES – April show

Hosted by Andrea Williams and Edmund Mooney

Sound designers and sound artists are often asked to create realistic sonic environments for places that they’ve never experienced. This requires some serious shapeshifting and mindbending skills. For this month’s Giant Ear))) we decided to celebrate these skills by requesting the truly fantastical. We had an open call for: (Option 1) A piece composed for a place that you may never be able to go to physically as a person. Altering the sound to convince listeners of the place is encouraged. Or (Option 2) Send in a recording/composition of yourself actually in an actual fantastic place. Fantastic!


1) Nighthawks – Scott Sherk: A trip inside the Edward Hopper painting, Nighthawks.
2) DaVinci Mona Lisa – Greg Hooper: A trip to the Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa
3) Streets of Interference – Simon Whetham: Electricity Cables in Thailand
4) Be not afeard – James Wyness: more on this piece here www.wyness.org
5) Illusion Wilderness – Blevin Blectum: from a series of Blectum’s pieces based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “The Preserving Machine”, in which sheet music is turned into animals and back again
6) Ocean 2 – Blevin Blectum: The ocean at the Beavertail Lighthouse and environs in Jamestown, RI on her birthday.
7) objectsoundingspace – Salmon Bakht: installation
8) Howler Monkey – Slavek Kwi: howler monkey recorded in xixuau xiparina jan 2009
9) en Plein Air РDaniel Blinkhorn :a short impression on the joy of waiting by a path in the forestɉ۪ the Amazon Rainforest
10) Kalahari Desert Wind – Gordon Hempton
11) Seattle Empty Fuel Tank – Gordon Hempton
12) Underground Irrigation Pipe – Gordon Hempton
13) Winslow Wells – Gordon Hempton www.soundtracker.com
14) Peruvian Song – Aneikit Bonnel: recording in Peru
15) Hell’s Gate Rotorua – Greg Hooper: geothermal activity in New Zealand
16) Walking in Bryce Canyon – Jonny Farrow: Bryce Canyon National Park in SW Utah back in 2006.
At the time, he attributed the mini-disk malfunction to some kind of spirit in the canyon — his camera was also malfunctioning — perhaps a residual energy from ‘the old people.’
17) I Dreamt the PNE – Meri von Klein Smid: http://soundlab.newmediafest.org/blog/
18) Schwimmstadion – Daniel Neumann: sound installation excerpt
19) Grain Silo – Andrea Williams: inside the Port of New York Grain Terminal in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
 recording of a 90ft reverb.
20) Edmund Mooney – Helen Keller: journey into the mind of someone losing their hearing
21) Lake Mountain – Duke Lee: excerpt of Lee Pembleton’s assisting of someone recreating a storage space in the Arctic via his recordings of the Arctic. www.vime.org

Listen to archive at www.free103point9.org