July 13, 2008

How to Receive Podcasts of Giant Ear)))

Giant Ear))) is NYSAE’s weekly, two-hour radio show webcasting recordings of the NYC soundscape and beyond, (wo)man-on-the-street public interest interviews, live on-site sound explorations, special guest sound artist interviews, and more. Brand new shows each month.

To subscribe and receive an mp3 of Giant Ear))) every month: Open iTunes (download if you don’t have it) or use another podcast client, i.e., Juice. To subscribe to free103point9 podcasts in iTunes: On the top Menu Bar choose ‘Advanced’ then ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ then type in the url below corresponding to the Online Radio show you would to subscribe to. Giant Ear)): http://www.free103point9.org/podcast/podcast_giantear.xml