February 27, 2007

WFAE Newsletter – March – April 2007

The WFAE Newsletter – March – April 2007
Online: http ://www.wfae.net/newsletter/

The bimonthly WFAE Newsletter for March-April 2007 is now online.
This publication is a supplement to the biannual Soundscape: The
Journal of Acoustic Ecology. Its mission is to make available, in a
timely manner, news, events, and announcements from the WFAE Board,
WFAE Affiliates, and other sources.

Each newsletter includes:
Affiliate Reports
Events Calendar: Updates on current world-wide events in acoustic-
Opportunities: Call for papers and projects
News Clips and Sound Bites: Headlines from the world press related to
sound issues.
Site Visit: A featured web site related to acoustic-ecology.
Resources: The latest in books, video, web, and other media.
Eartoons: Cartoons about listening by Tom Lamar.

The WFAE Newsletter is an commercial free publication of the World
Forum for Acoustic Ecology.