September 24, 2006

Giant Ear, Sept. 24, 2006

GIANT EAR, Sept 24, 2006.

Playing with(in) the soundscape. Most of the recordings heard today feature musicians performing their instruments outdoors, or people playing with the sound environment.

1. Sketches of a Groaning Building. Jonny Farrow, double-bass, with the sounds of his building in Brooklyn 10:06
2. Under the Manhattan Bridge – Tamio Shiraishi (saxophone) & Sean Meehan (percussion) (21:10)
3. Untitled ¬– Diego Chamy(percussion), Leonel Kaplan (trumpet), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Jean Pallandre (phonography). Recorded in France at the Gresigne forest, May 4th, 2004 (13:23)
4. Río Duda #1, – Ricardo Arias (flute). Recorded in the northeastern reaches of the amazon jungle in Colombia, October, 1993. (6:45)
5. Gaudeamus Igitor (excerpt) music for the bell towers of the city of Granada in Spain.
– Llorenç Barber (25:00)
6. Starry Night (excerpt) – Mazen Kerbaj playing trumpet in the balcony of his apartment in Beirut in a “duet” with the sound of US bombs being droped by the Israeli airforce. Recorded live in Beirut, July 15, 2006 (6:28)
7. Canción de Cristal y Acero (excerpt)– Anti-war protest in Barcelona, 2003 (20:05)

8. Selected field recordings made in Java by David Watson
9. Selections from Swiss composer Markus Breuss’s CD Haiku Lingo. Breuss plays trumpet, flugelhorn, and an assortment of bone flutes in various environments in India and Spain.