July 28, 2006

GIANT EAR))) Wind Powered Works, Sunday JULY 30th, 7-9pm (EDT)

Tune in to

GIANT EAR))) Wind Powered Works
JULY 30th, 2006 7-9pm (EDT)
At www.free103point9.org

Sound works sent in from all over the world: wind farms in Taiwan, Germany, the Mojave Desert, windscapes, and wind-powered sounds and art installations.

HEADPHONES suggested for this show!

1. Col de Puymorens, 04/2002 – INGEOS (wind blowing in a metallic structure in France
April 29th 2002, Puymorens pass, Pyrenees mountains) http://www.ingeos.org
2. Hermaness wind – www.sonicpostcards.org of North Coast of Scotland so windy that
Trees don’t grow there.
3. The Shetland Isles – www.sonicpostcards.org
4. WindscapeWith Abandonment – DALLAS SIMPSON
(Websters Raft, Gibralta Point Nature Reserve Skegness off East coast of UK, 2003)
5. Flagpole – LASSE-MARC RIEK www.lasse-marc-riek.de
(Beach isle of Amrum in Germany 2005)
6. Windfarm in Northern Germany – MICHAEL PETERS
7. Windfarm during storm, Mojave Desert – MICHAEL PETERS
8. Eolienne, Peng-Hu – YANNICK DAUBY (Taiwan wind farm, 2005)
9. Powhiri – ANDREA POLLI (New Zealand Maori Welcoming Ceremony excerpt)
10. How To Build a Contact Mic – NICOLAS COLLINS from Bent Fest 2006
11. SSSeaport – The Peking Squeak – JONNY FARROW
(July 19 2006 Southstreet Seaport NYC –squeaky gangplank—discover real history
behind the Seaport, not just malls..)
12. The Smell of a Glacier – JONNY FARROW
(Sounds of Northwinds blowing to his apartment in Bay Ridge Brooklyn)
14. Study 2.0_Radio Wind – MATTHEW BURTNER (From Spectral Garden at Wave Farm—texts from animist philosophy) http://www.burtner.net/
15.Pinwheel – KATIE GATELY (soundtrack from play on a town embracing wind energy—sounds of the first industrial wind turbine)
16. St. Agnes Wind on Rocks – DALLAS SIMPSON (Isles of Scilly –Binaural recording—headphones!)
17. Windstorm Lambley Dumble –Recorded During a Snowstorm – DALLAS SIMPSON (feb 19th 1996 binaural recording nestled in valley)