May 7, 2006

Giant Ear))) Harmony, Sunday 7-9 (EDT)

Giant Ear))) Harmony
May 28th, 7-9pm (EDT)

This show contains some works of Harmony – two or more sounds that just
sound pleasing together where they are found in the world


1. Beneath the Alexander Bridge – SHARON KATZ
2. Waterfall at Ottawa International Airport – SHARON KATZ
3. Listening to Mystified – MYSTIFIED (off Reduced CD)
4. Reading at the Beach at Coney Island, NY – BLACK SAND DESERT SEANCE
5. Depford Grid electricity sub station – PETER CUSAK (from Your Favourite London Sounds)
6. Canal Towpath Stones – PETER CUSAK
7. Key In Door – PETER CUSAK
8. Onions Frying In My Flat – PETER CUSAK
9. Rain on Skylight While Lying in my Flat – PETER CUSAK
10. Particle Swarm Intelligence – BROKEN HEARTED DRAGONFLIES –
Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia
11. Part 2 of NICHOLAS COLLINS’ Hardware Hacking Workshop from
BENT FEST 2006 (Finding Pleasing Sounds from NOISE)
Musician, Composer, and Sound Artist, MIYA MASAOKA,
is interviewed by NYSAE member Andrea Williams
We will be playing For Birds, Planes, & Cello, a
continuous field recording with cello, Composed by MIYA
MASAOKA, Cello performed by JOAN JEANRENAUD, and Field
mesmerizing piece premiered at the Headlands Center
for the Arts in California, 2004. The CD can be found
on Miya’s label, Solitary B. Miya’s label and
information on her upcoming performance at the Centre
Pompidou in Paris on June 5th can be found at

For next month’s show the demand is unusually high for
playing WATER SOUNDS so quench this thirst by sending in your
WATER SOUNDS to: or mail CD/minidisc to:
Giant Ear)))
154 W. 9th St. #1
Brooklyn, NY 11231