April 30, 2006

Giant Ear))) What?! April 30th, 7-9 pm


at free103point9 http://www.free103point9.org
APRIL 30th, 7-9pm (EDT)
WHAT?! April 26th was the
11th Annual International Noise Awareness Day!

1. HSDOM (aka Jochen Hartmann) mixes the NYSAE’s
NY Soundmap at SURGE at Participant Inc/ Gallery 3/28/06

NYSAE member, Michelle Nagai, discusses noise, hearing
loss, and ear technology with ELLIOT H. BERGER, M.S.,
the Senior Scientist for Auditory Research at E•A•R
/Aearo Technologies, NANCY NADLER, Director of
Development for the League for the Hard of Hearing,
and AMY BOYLE, Director of Public Education for the
League for the Hard of Hearing.

3. Crunch Time – Archive
4. Dogpaddle – Archive
5. Solid & Liquid – Mystified

NYSAE member, Andrea Wiiliams, interviews GEOFF ZINK,
Senior Sound/Production Designer and TODD BROOKS,
Senior Acoustic Consultant at ARTEC. We take a really
retro, sci-fi looking decibal reader used for the
acoustic planning and design of performance halls out
to measure the cacauphonous streets of NYC.

7. Blackbird dawn chorus 4:00am in May – Peter Cusak (off of Your Favourite London Sounds)
8. Helicopter/East London mosque – Peter Cusak
9. The Bank of England 1 am – Peter Cusak
10. 16th floor up – Peter Cusak
11. Brick Lane – Peter Cusak
12. Michelle’s Phone – Peter Cusak
13. St. James Park:two species of baby – Peter Cusak

BENT Festival 2006—Transforming noise into an
artform… PART 1:INTRO from a workshop with Nic Collins on
the art of hardware hacking.

15. excerpt from Matmos’ Rat Relocation Program

OPEN CALL for SOUNDS! For May 28th’s show, please
send in your field-recordings of Harmony: two or more
different sounds that just sound pleasing together
right where they are found in the world.

Send in your file, CD, or minidisc with info on the
recording to:
or mail to:
Giant Ear)))
154 W. 9th St. #1
Brooklyn, NY 11231

~ Please always protect your ears ~