December 8, 2005

8 sound works

8 sound works disc
8 sound works is a compilation cdr curated and organized by Ben Owen on behalf of the NY Society for Acoustic Ecology. The artists assembled on this disc took part in a live radio broadcast event called Tune(outside))) that was organized by transmission arts organization free103point9 on July 4, 2005. Broadcast locally from free103’s “Wave Farm” in Acra, NY, the broadcast was also streamed over the web to an international audience.

the cdr has work from ea, andy graydon, mpld, michelle nagai and mike hallenbeck, andrea polli, ben owen, vatic, and edmund mooney. design by mpld.

The artists presented here were invited to contribute to an “outdoor sounds” radio broadcast. This audio became one of four live, simultaneously broadcast micro-radio stations set up at Wave Farm. Those listening on site were free to wander the area with portable headsets and tune into any one of the four live broadcasts. Web listeners could choose between four different thematic streams of audio, including the “outdoor sounds” channel.

the liner notes for 8 Sound Works include a firsthand account of the Tune(outside))) event written by participant Andy Graydon and a brief excerpt of a conversation on acoustic ecology that took place with members of NYSAE during a residency at Wave Farm in October 2005. the disc was mastered by Derek Morton at Kavekavity.

the cdr is a benefit for the NYSAE. they are $10, mailed for $11 domestic usa, and $14 rest of world.
to order with paypal and find more information about the participants, see here.. for further info email

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