November 1, 2009

GIANT EAR))) TONIGHT—11/1—7-9pm—free103point9

Hey Friends —

Make sure you tune in tonight’s new edition of GIANT EAR))) curated and hosted by NYSAE member Mikhail Ilitaov!
Goto to stream the show. 7-9 pm.

See Playlist below:
Giant Ear))) Playlist: ‘Cricket Crawl’ by Florence Blanchard, an event that took place in New York on September 12, 2009; A baby woke up in the middle of the night and was fed; A short lesson in how to listen to pre-natal ultrasound; an excerpt from the film ‘Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance’ (Daigoro makes a choice between a toy and his father’s sword); ‘I am the Walrus’ from Lol Coxhill’s album ‘Ear of the Beholder’ on Dandelion records; Place Lane and Play School Opening by acclivity, a member of; ‘Die-opening school day’ by Jean Francois Cavro,; some thoughts about kids in Marrakech; childern’s song from ‘Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance’; ‘We don’t have no slippers’ by acclivity of; Riga Arsenal by Maksim Shentelev a.k.a. MyYu (; Children playing in Osaka Hirano Shrine by Jean Francois Cavro (; an excerpt from a Russian film ‘17 Moments of Spring’; Giggling French Girls by acclivity (; WC Fields in The Bank Dick; Classroom Ambiance by dobroide (; ‘a bird-like singing child and birds’ by Lasse-Marc Riek (; WC Fields, from the film ‘Golf Specialist’; ‘hello mammie chocolate’ by Frank Geeraert (; Casablanca kids playing police and thiefs; Kids Club 1 and 2 by acclivity (; Children’s Playground in Seoul, South Korea by sazman (; ‘pigeon and child’ by dobroide (; children playing in a swimming pool in Fort Myers by John Hopkins (; Extra classroom noise by Andrea Callard (; sounds from El Tajin, Mexico; Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi Ba by Matthias Kispert (; Brooklyn crickets.