Accessing your Graduate Home Directory

Accessing Your Graduate Home Directory

All Hunter College Graduates have Home Directories. To access your home directory you will need a file transfer application, such as Cyberduck (Mac Users) or WinSCP (PC Users). If you’re on campus on a Mac, you can use Apple’s AFP.

On Campus (Mac Users)

You can connect to your faculty account by selecting “Go” and “Connect to Server” on the Mac computer on campus.

Next, type in afp:// and select “Connect”.

Type in your username and password to access your account.

On/Off Campus- Cyberduck (Mac Users)

Once the application has launched, type the following

Connect using SFTP to:

Username: yourusername

Click Connect

The application will now ask you for your password
Password xxxxxxx

On/Off Campus- WinSCP (PC Users)

Once the application has launched, select Session and fill in the following for
host name:
your user name
port: 22
Select SFTP

Click Login and type in your password when prompted.